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Outstanding location

Choosing the right location for the factory was of utmost importance to us, so the industrial city of Hail was chosen as the ideal location for the factory. Because of its strategic location that facilitates transportation and distribution by land, sea and air. It also has railway lines that enable us to ship products to all cities of the Kingdom. The factory was established on a plot of land of 13,000 square meters, containing all the factory's current buildings, in addition to empty spaces for future expansions.

Quality is everything

Quality control processes are designed to meet all modern international pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and ISO standards for operating factories through our laboratories equipped with the latest devices and technologies, through the factory’s scientifically qualified quality control team, to ensure that all used inputs of manufacturing materials and operational steps are approved. Before agreeing to deliver any final product to the market.



Selected experience..

A group of carefully selected talents, locally and internationally, works in the factory, in order to meet the latest required operating and production standards.
A team of professionals who receive continuous training also works with us to properly deliver our products to all target markets

Fulfillment of regulatory requirements

The factory is equipped with the latest equipment and methods of manufacturing medicine and the most accurate technological devices so that its products comply with the requirements of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority and the American Food and Drug Authority, as well as the pharmaceutical specifications approved in European countries.



Home Medical Supplies

Medicine Product

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Home Medical Supplies

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Home Medical Supplies


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Home Medical Supplies

Home Medical

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